Time runs faster on the Internet – and by that we don’t mean all those hours you spend on social media. We mean the great generational divide resulting from extremely fast changes in digital culture. A novel written 10 years ago is still a piece of contemporary literature but a 10 year old meme is an antiquity.

In SCREENAGERS, Giuseppe Chico and Barbara Matijević invite on stage Pierre-Erick Lefebvre –  digital artist, electronic musician, video game designer, computer programer and new media teacher – to act as a kind of archeologist working through the strata of Internet.

Like a coming-of-age story, SCREENAGERS traces the journey of a person born before the digital revolution who gradually embraces the Internet and turns it into a tool for producing and showing his art.

By mixing concert, stand-up comedy, conference and VJing, SCREENAGERS revisits the many ways the Internet has impacted his life and ours, through phenomena such as e-learning, online communities, musical diversity, video games, meme culture etc.

Underlining the performative nature of our online lives, spectators can interact directly with the show : via their smartphones, they can decide if in the next scene the performer will tell an urban legend or sing a rap song, they can collectively write a text or play a video game against the performer, they can send photos and appear on stage as memes and avatars. 

Paraphrasing Shakespeare, SCREENAGERS reminds us that : “all the Internet’s a stage, and all the users merely players”.

Concept : Giuseppe Chico et Barbara Matijevic
Interprétation et collaboration artistique : Pierre-Erick Lefebvre
Régie : Stéphane Leclercq
ProgrammationPierre-Erick Lefebvre et Noé Oréglia
Collaborateur technique : Mikaël Bouillot

Développement et production : Marion Gauvent
Administration : Dantès Pigeard

Production : Premier Stratagème
Coproduction : L’Atelier de Paris-CDCN La Place de la Danse-CDCN Toulouse-Occitanie Pôle Sud- CDCN Strasbourg Le Lux, scène nationale Valence Le Parvis, scène nationale, Tarbes CdA, scène conventionnée pour les écritures numériques d’Enghien-les-Bains Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences, Meylan NEXT Festival TNG Lyon • L’avant-Scène Cognac
Avec le soutien de : DRAC Ile-de-France Ville de Paris DICREAM Maison des Métallos Le Gymnase – CDCN Roubaix Hauts-de-France