Barbara Matijević

Born in Našice (Croatia) in 1978. She studied dance with the choreographer and teacher Kilina Cremona in Zagreb, and worked with a number of Croatian choreographers (Irma Omerzo, Iva Nerina Gattin, Katja Simunic, cie TRAFIK). In 2003 she joined the dramaturge / director Saša Božić and dancer / choreographer Željka Sančanin in the company Kombinirane operacije, where she was active as a dancer, movement assistant, actress and choreographer (Re-Play, 2002; Hard To Dig It, 2003; Vertigo, 2007). After graduating in literature from the Faculty of Arts at the Zagreb University, she went to Paris at the invitation of Boris Charmatz. For one year (2004-2005), she participated in the project Bocal assembling 15 artists from different backgrounds around the idea of an ephemeral school, exploring performative approaches to teaching dance. The project hosted artists such as Vera Mantero, João Fiadeiro, Laurence Louppe, Jean-Luc Moulene, Jan Ritsema, Raimund Hoghe, Hubert Godard, Steve Paxton, Frans Poelstra. In 2005 she worked in Brussels with the actor Bruno Marino (DA-l’animal) and the choreographer David Hernandez (Performance Hotel). In 2006/07, she performed in Purgatory, written and directed by Joris Lacoste. In 2005 she realized the interdisciplinary project Photomorgana with the photographers Igor Kuduz, Ana Opalić and Jasenko Rasol, presented at the Zagreb Youth Salon 2006. From 2005 – 2008 she collaborated with Slovenian director Bojan Jablanovec (project VIA NEGATIVA: Would Would Not, 2005; Viva Verdi, 2006; Superbia, 2008). In 2007 she founded, with Saša Božić, the company de facto and began a collaboration with Giuseppe Chico. Since 2004 she has been teaching dance at the Art Academy in Osijek, Croatia. She lives in Zagreb.


Giuseppe Chico

Born in Bari (Italy) in 1974. He was introduced to theater as a child, first by watching operettas and then, at the age of 10 years, by taking classes at the theater Abeliano Tina Tempesta and Antonella Porfido in Bari. After a several years interruption of professional basketball playing, he pursued his theatre practice with Robert McNeer at the theater Kismet. He also worked on several occasions with the set designer Paolo Baroni. In 2000 he moved to Paris and began studying dance and composition with Joao Fiadeiro, Vera Montero, Julyen Hamilton, Mark Tompkins, Vera Orlock, Pooh Kaye, KJ Holmes, Olivier Besson. For several years he performed with the company Mille Plateaux Associés. He also collaborated with George Appaix, Anja Hempel, Magali Desbazeille. In 2007 he performed in Purgatory, written and directed by Joris Lacoste . In 2007 he started a collaboration with Barbara Matjevic. He lives in Paris.


Their pieces were performed in:
Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Cyprus, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, China, Hong-Kong, South Korea, Japan, Rep. of Singapore, Taiwan, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru.