I’ve never done this before is a theater performance that delves into the amateur culture represented on YouTube videos. After pioneering missions in space travel in the 20th century, the beginning of the 21st century seems to focus on the Home as its preferred territory of exploration. Thanks to largely available sophisticated technology, almost any individual can turn their living room into a generator of narratives and usher the spectators into “The Theatre of the Imaginary” where the only price to pay is to stay connected.
I’ve never done this before sketches a poetics of homemade representations by offering a subjective repertoire inspired by the objects and worlds created by anonymous individuals of the digital age.
If until recently television and film represented “the great collective mirror”, something at the intersection of public, private and imaginary seems to be on the verge of change.


“Just as the twentieth century has been the age of mobility, largely through the motor car, so the next era will be one in which instead of having to seek out one’s adventures through travel, one creates them, in whatever form one chooses, in one’s home. The average individual won’t just have a tape recorder, a stereo hi-fi, or a TV set. He’ll have all the resources of a modern TV studio at his fingertips, coupled with data processing devices of incredible sophistication and power. No longer will he have to accept the relatively small number of permutations of fantasy that the movie and TV companies serve up to him, but he will be able to generate whatever he pleases to suit his whim. In this way people will soon realise that they can maximise the future of their lives with new realms of social, sexual and personal relationships, all waiting to be experienced in terms of these electronic systems, and all this exploration will take place in their living rooms. The future is going to be like a glorified home movie. Everybody will be doing it, everybody will be living inside a TV studio. That’s what the domestic home aspires to these days; the home is going to be a TV studio. We’re all going to be starring in our own sit-coms, and they’ll be very strange sit-coms, too, like the inside of our heads. That’s going to come, I’m absolutely sure of that, and it’ll really shake up everything.”

J.G. Ballard in an interview with V. Vale in 1982


concept e testo Giuseppe Chico and Barbara Matijević
performed by Barbara Matijević

technical supervision, programing Ivan Marušić Klif
technical  assistance, programing Igor Brkić et Igor Petrović
collaboration in animatronics Matthieu Schönholzer
object design Ivan Marušić Klif and Giuseppe Chico
light Florian Leduc
sound Viktor Krasnić and Giuseppe Chico
thanks to  Martina Franić- Deborah Hustić – Frano Šoša – Makerspace Radiona (Zagreb), Elise Simonet, Delphine Hecquet, Andrea Navach

executive production 1er Stratageme/Omnibus
production manager  Colin Pitrat/Les independences  – Stefica Bartolin / Omnibus
production  Fondation Hermès as part of its program New Settings
co-production Kaaitheater (Brussels) – Menagerie de verre (Paris)
residency Parc de la Villette, in the context of artist residences (Paris) – Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb)
support  DRAC Ile-de-France and DICREAM




Jonas Maes – 2015 (Bruxelles) – Creative Commons 3 BY-SA
Florian Leduc – 2015 (Zagreb) – Creative Commons 3 BY-SA


camera : Paul Prescott


I’VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE  – trailer – from 1er Stratagème on Vimeo.